Blogging life hasn’t been easy for me lately especially after I lost my job and started focusing on my business which has made me so broke and sad.

All this have really affected my mental state and also messed up everything for me.


I had to stay away from lots of things and people. After all that, my engagement started dropping and all.

The whole situation got to me so I thought of quitting. I got different messages from lots of people and others that I inspire.

Now I decided I’ll start all over again and work on my brand also manage all my problem in a way it won’t affect my brand and business anymore.

A lot has happened in my life lately that it’s only few I can talk about and I thank God for everything.




How I’ll live my life as a blogger from now on

1, I’ll only go for outings I can afford or have the courage to attend.

2, You’ll see a lot of changes here and there. Changes in my pics, blog posts and lots more.

3, I’ll continue therapy and make sure my mental is better to help me.

4, I’ll always advertise my business on my blog and social medias.

5, I’ll take any opportunity of working with brands.

6, I’m open to collaboration with bloggers and others.

I’ve been into blogging for almost 3 years now but I have taken it as serious as I’m suppose to. My site is going to be 2 years soon.



For those who made me get back, thanks so much. I really appreciate your effort and believe in me.

I’m really sorry for making you all worry about me so much. I’m glad that I’m back.

Ps: I've got a lot of post that I'm supposed to complete and post. I'll be doing that and dropping them one after the other.

Have you ever gone through stuffs that you feel like running away from the world?? Have you ever felt no one cares??? Have you ever had depression & how did you manage it????



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  1. Hey, welcome back dear. I have been there but what i do is cry to relieve stress then write down how i feel ,pray anf have faith that things will get better.

  2. Hey darling.. Welcome back.. I really don’t know how I am constantly able to fight mine.. But I’m glad you’re back


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