Tosave is a company/organisation based in Hong Kong that sells different kind items online such as clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup, cosmetics and lots more.


I got a mail from them for a collaboration between me and them. We concluded and agreed, on me picking items all worth 20$.

A parcel was sent to me from them on the 22nd of January which contains some items. They are as follows:

  1. A wristwatch
  2. Marble Film Background
  3. 20 set of brushes
  4. Cinematic box Alphabets
  5. Brush washer
  6. Heart embroided patch
  7. A shirt


A tracking number was sent to me, i was also told how to track it and how many days it’ll take to get to me which is 15 – 30 days.

The tracking was easy and I located my items till it got to Nigeria. It got to nearest post office that was close to my home address here in Nigeria on the 19th of February.

I got a message early in the morning from the post office on the 20th of February to come and pick my items. I had to go that very morning so that they won’t misplace the items.

Tosave Packaging

The big package wasn’t so nice and safe, but when I opened it, most of the items were intact apart from the Marble film background that got squeezed a little. Every other things had their pack so they were not squeezed.

Tosave Items

Victory Leather Watch


My wristwatch was so beautiful. It looks like a green denim material and I love that, I also love the affirmation written inside the wristwatch.


Marble Paper Film


I was so disappointed and hurt that the marble paper background got squeezed but I decided to use it anyways. It has me very useful for my flatlays and turns out beautiful in every picture. So many people have asked how and where I got it and some have collected the link to it before I decided to make my blog post.


20 pcs Makeup Set 

TosaveMakeup Brush set was a basic need for me at the moment because my set of brushes were not as much as i wanted especially the eyeshadow brushes. When I got them they didn’t look the way I imagined, but they worked better than i expected and even more.


Heart Embroidered Patches


Seeing this heart patch on the site when searching for props for my FLATLAY was the best thing. I knew it would be useful in different ways and it has been.


women short sleeve t-shirt


The top was so lovely but has dropping arm. I felt it’s because I don’t know my size exactly, because it’s coming with the Hong Kong size so it was hard guessing my size. I picked a Large size, the body was a bit free which I liked and the slit at the both sides were so beautiful. I always love clothes with slits at the sides.


Light up emoji letter box sign

This is actually a cinematic light box letters . I thought it was the whole box and letters I was getting, only for it to get to me and i noticed it was only the letters. I had to recheck the words written on the item on their page and noticed it was only letters. I still love it this way, it is so useful. Many people have also asked how and where I got it and some have collected the link to it before I decided to make my blog post.


brush cleaner pad


As a makeup artist or a makeup brush owner you need a brush washer. I tried using it to wash my brushes and I found out that it was better using it.

It’ll save your time, ease your stress and make the brush so clean.

How to use it

You soak your brushes in soapy water for a while.

If it’s soaked and ready pick the brushes one by one or as many as you can manage in your hand

Rub the brush hairy surface on the brush washer pad. Then you see all the substances hidden in the brush coming out.

All this items were picked by me and I made sure to try them all before giving my honest review

What are the items you will love to get if you are to shop 20$ worth of items on the site for free???


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