Beauty product review is something I am so excited about. It’s a a new year,  Happy New Year to you all.  I haven’t been writing because I misplaced so many pictures and it hurts so much to know and realise that you need to post some and it’s no where to be found.
Yaaaaay! This is my first post of the year. I am excited that it’s a new year and also I have something cool to share.
My First purchase of the year was from Beauty Revolution Nigeria. I placed the order on Sunday and got it delivered to me at work yesterday (Tuesday). Their customer service are so sweet, you can pay cash on delivery or POS on delivery and their products price range are so amazing. I recommend them for anyone who is lazy to go to a shop to get their beauty products. I actually used the POS on delivery, I’ll be doing more purchase from them in the nearest future.


This was how I got them from the deliver man. Please don’t mind my pictures back ground.




Beauty Products


Right here I have got six Lippie and an eyeshadow palette, all Nigerian Products. 3 Yanga Beauty Lippie and 3 Taos Cosmetics Lippie.


I removed a wrap before this carton


 After the carton I met this other wrap which isn’t only one but two of them.


Nuban Beauty is also a Nigerian brand that make this particular eyeshadow palette and also beauty blender. Their produces are really nice.


I love how the eyeshadow is packed and all. Thanks to Nuban Beauty and Thanks to Beauty Revolution Nigeria.



The eyeshadow colours are nude, they are so pretty, I’ll love to try them out.




Now let’s talk about the Lippies. They are so amazing.



They have beautiful nude colours.




My mum’s idea of playing with Lippie in flat lay.


Yanga Beauty Lippie in purple.


Yanga Beauty Lippie in choco.


Taos Collection Lippie in Jozi


Taos Collection Lippie in Gold Coast


Yanga Beauty Lippie in Eve.


Taos Collection Lippie in Santa’s baby.

I love them all. Trust me, this year I’ll be doing more of buying because I’ll be needing lot of stuff, so be prepared to see lots of reviews.


Royal Biba


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