Makeup can last as long as possible only if you go through the necessary steps like cleansing the face, moisturize the it, tone it and also use a good serum and other necessary things.

It is also very good to have a skin care routine to keep your face nice and fresh. We have more details on how to make your makeup last longer.


Tricks to making your makeup last longer

Buff ur base

If you have a some and hydrated skin you have no problem, your makeup will last much longer. If your skin is having dead skin layers your makeup will get ruined much more quickly. When you exfoliate it removes the dead skin and reveals the smoother skin which is ready for makeup application.

Makeup last

Moisture is great

Before applying makeup make sure your skin is well moisturized. It helps reduce or stop excess oil from damaging your foundation. As for dry skin, buttery moisturizer will eraze dry patches immediately and keep your face moisturized.


Primer helps prevent lighter foundation from slipping away, this cream give your makeup something to rely on. Get the best primer so as to avoid makeup damage or mess.

Makeup Last

Pick right foundation
Some foundation are best at lasting longer which make the make up last especially waterproof foundations. This base will overcome rain and oil, which means your makeup will remain flawless all day.
Spritz to set
There are sprays that are used to keep makeup on lockdown no matter what. You spray it all over layers of makeup to prevent patches and fading. Spritz your brush before blending eyeshadow.
Makeup last
We all know healthy skin is the foundation to a perfect look, and with the impending weather change it’s crucial to stay moisturized. That’s why team spent weeks looking through hundreds of formulas to find what worked, what didn’t, and what the experts were saying, ultimately finding what to look for when finding the best day and night moisturizers.
At the end of it all came up with some of the best moisturizer you can use and get good results. All this tricks are to help prepare the face for makeup to last on it.




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