I didn’t post about my experience at the GTBank Fashion Weekend all this while because I misplaced most of the pictures, it was so annoying. I was able to get only few pictures to show on this post.

GTB Fashion Week

My experience at the GTBank Fashion Weekend was great but I was upset I didn’t go on Saturday too. I missed the master classes most especially Sam Fine’s makeup practical on a model and hearing him talk about himself, his success, challenges and CEO of Zaron Cosmetics talking about  her experience and all.

The Bridal Makeup job I had made me miss the first day. Anyways the Sunday programme was nice and fun. I got there late so I didn’t go for the first master class.

GTB Fashion Week

I noticed the GTBank customised bottle water was given to people for free, so I grabbed one and gulped it down, I picked another one to manage for the rest of the day. I walked around to see the products they had for sales ( which I know I can’t buy due to how broke I was).

GTB Fashion Week

GTB Fashion Week
I love her outfit

When I got in, I met a pretty lady and we got talking, she was a model and I really liked her, so we became friends, we took pictures together and walked around.

We went in for the masterclass and I was opportuned to see the famous design Tracy Reese, she told us about her experience in the fashion industry, how she retraced her steps and how she got to where she is today.

GTB Fashion Week

GTB Fashion Week

It was fun, I was happy I didn’t miss the fashion weekend. I was supposed to meet a blogger friend Kene Kingsley at the Fashion Weekend, but he came late and I was rushing back home around 6:30pm so as to get home earlier and I got home at 8:00pm.

I’ll make sure I prepare myself well for this year’s GTB fashion weekend,  I am are it will be much more adventurous.


  • White denim trouser
  • Phucial pink aimless top
  • Denim Jean Jacket
  • Phucial pink kashka scarf
  • Gladiator sandals
  • Powder pink bag


Royal Biba. 


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