One of the most important things I’ve learnt about skin care is that gentle is the way to go. It’s essential to have a cleansing regimen daily, it’s nice for a good healthy skin. Washing the face twice a day with a good cleanser helps to keep acne and other skin infections away.




We can have a very simple basic routine. I’ve been doing this for sometime and I can say I’ve seen improvements. My skin isn’t where I want it but we’re getting there.

The CETM Rule. This simply means the Cleansing, Exfoliating,Toning and Moisturizing Rule.




I have a thing for cleansers, cleansing is the favorite part of my skin care routine.
Cleansing is the first and most important part of skincare.
Cleansing gets rid of makeup that clog’s the pores, leaving the skin hydrated.
There are several brands to choose from but first, you need to understand your skin type (normal, dry, oily or combination) and what products fits best for it.
If you have normal skin, and a regular lifestyle that does not require you to cleanse too often, regular soap may be fine and effective.
As a general guide you may want to consider the following:




Acne prone skin:
You may use acne-cleansers as necessary for the face. In general, do not over-cleanse as it can backfire as the skin becomes irritated and dry.

Dry Skin:
Avoid bar soaps as they are drying and irritating. Use mild soap-free cleansers that are less likely to become irritating.

Sensitive Skin:
They are best advised to choose mild products. Perfume free products are also recommended as they are often triggers for allergies.

Oily Skin:
Cleansers designed for acne-prone skin are also suitable for people with very oily skin. Brushes and sponges should be avoided as it can aggravate oily skin.
There are cleansers I love like the baby face, Neutrogena oil-free acne cleanser and a host of others.




I cannot over emphasizes how important it is to exfoliate. This is the process of removing old,dead skin
cells that remain on the outer most surface of the skin. Skincare products have great effect if applied after exfoliation. Always use a gentle scrub for all skin type. I exfoliate two times a week with home made scrubs. if you’re not a fan of home made shrubs.Other scrubs you might like


• Neutrogena deep clean scrub


• Lotus scrub
Oriflame has a variety of scrubs


I just can’t explain how important toners are for a healthy skin. Toners gets rid of excess cleanser still in the skin,refreshes and evens out the PH level of the skin, calms the skin and helps prepare it for any of the night creams or serums that will follow. It also helps to balance the skin after cleansing and before applying a moisturizing cream. This is the product that decides if you’ll be having an acne free clear skin/ rough ,dirty bad skin.




Choose a gentle toning lotion containing natural cleansing agents rather than one with harsh chemicals. You may be surprised at how much more dirt will be removed with the cotton swab and toner that had been missed with the cleanser.
Choose a gentle toning lotion containing natural botanical cleansing agents ,rather than one with harsh chemicals.
I use apple cider vinegar as a toner. I’ve heard great reviews on The Oriflame toners.





Everyone wants a smooth ,baby soft skin. Moisturizes keeps the skin well hydrated , maintains normal moisture of the skin, creates perfect base for makeup application. The one I use is called the Simple Replenishing rich moisturizer. Your skin needs to be replenished each night after a day of exposure to the environment and wearing make-up. During this stage don’t forget your lips since the skin over the lips is thinner than anywhere else on the face. Use lipbalms , lipcreams etc each night to keep your lips plump and kissable the next day
Don’t forget to moisturizer the eye zone, but be sure to use a very light product which is designed for this. There are some affordable eye creams in beauty stores.



Your choice of moisturizers should include natural ingredients with proven benefits such as shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe vera, jojoba , lavender and of course, pure essential oils.

Facial masks also helps . It gives the skin suppleness,elasticity and hydration.Clay masks are most effective, it absorbs excess oil from the skin and deep cleanse pores. Regular use helps the skin to be firmer and evens out the skin.




Daily and weekly skin care routine is very essential. Water is also essential,clears out toxins from the skin and keeps it hydrated all day. Your cleansing routine shouldn’t be reserved just for the evening. Cleaning make-up and daily dirt from your face is definitely important, but cleansing away the dead cells and pillow lint in the morning after waking up can be just as important before putting on new make-up for the next day.
Pay attention to products used on the skin ,know how the skin feels and reacts to them.


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For this tips.


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