Places I will love to visit in this world are so many, but I haven’t gotten the opportunity to travel at all.


I do love traveling but I have never gotten the chance to because my parents are very protective of me. They don’t like taking their eyes off me. All the places I would mention are places I have seen in movies and or heard about.

The Places


This is a place I think it’ll be fun to go there because most time I watch movie of people in Cuba, It seems peaceful, colorful and lively.




This is another place I think is peaceful and lovely. I’ll  love to visit this particular hotel to swim in the first floor pool.




My love for Dubai is beyond me. I just love that part of the world, it’s even one of the countries I love the most .





This is just another country I’ll like to visit to see how the place is and most of them are Muslims in that country and they are Asians, it surprises me.  Well, their religion doesn’t matter but I have a hidden agenda. 😂😁




I just want to visit India because I think it will be fun to meet those people who always make me cry while watching their movies while they pay them for making me cry.




I don’t know why I just love this particular country, but it’s one of of the countries I’ll love to visit.



There are many more countries I’ll love to visit but this are the most important countries I’ll like to visit.

I know many other people have a place or two outside Nigeria that you’ll love to visit. For those who are Interested, kindly share the countries you will love to visit, because I am so excited and curious to know your response.





  1. I’d definitely love to visit Singapore, just curious as to how they can keep things so organised over there. I’d also love to visit the most romantic city in the world, Paris. My love for Bahamas no be for here 😂😂😭
    I still want to o go to Time Square at New York oo, in short I want to travel all over the world 😂😂


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