Wish list for 2016, last wish of the year

My last wish for this year which is 2016. I have never posted something like this before but I’ll make sure I’ll be doing more of it in the future. My blog will be one year next month, I am so excited.

The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow. For every challenge encountered there is opportunity for growth.
– Unknown
For those who will see this post either friends, family, crush, lovers, strangers or anyone, I’ll really appreciate it if you can help.

My Wish List

A Camera
I really need this, all bloggers need a camera I don’t have one before, I use my phone camera.

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Review and Swatches of My New Beauty Product

Hi! Lovelies, 
I just felt it will be cool letting you know more about the cosmetics I bought and know how I feel about them. You can still check out that post about how I got my beauty product here before you can understand why I made a review .
The classic eyeshadow is a mixture of matte and shimmers of different bright colours, I really  love them.
I have recently been falling in love with matte eyeshadow that was why I got this. I have been on budget so I had to go for a cheaper pallete and it was worth it

I managed to get their colours if I mistook any colour for another, it because I am not too good with colors n their names. 

I very sure I didn’t get some color names right. I love the mirror on my eyeshadow pallete it’s wide and easy to use. 

The bronzer can’t show up on my skin so I could not do a swatch of it. But it’s kind of nice too. 

Like my friend  said about this it covers up really  well you don’t need to build it up much for it to look nice. 

The lipsticks are so lovely, I have problem  with only the classic  nude lipstick 

This is the ever beauty studio lipstick in color 222 which is on the left and color 202 which is on the right. They are pigmented lipsticks and they smell so nice like perfumes.

This is the classic makeup usa lipstick  in natural nude which is on the left and classic wine which is on the right. They are matte lipsticks and don’t like the outcome of the nude.
And lastly my lash glue, The duo clear lash glue or adhesive I’ll love to use the adhesive for my new lashes to know how it lashes looks on me.

XOXO royalbiba out.


New Beauty Product Review

Hi lovelies, I just felt I should  let you know about the few beauty products I just bought from a friend  who into beauty product sales. I patronised  her just to encourage  her @slimdiva_collection.
  • Eyeshadow
  • Face primer
  • Powder
  • 2 classic lipstick
  • 2 ever beauty lipstick
  • Angle brush
  • Ushas bronzer
  • Age defying face wipes
  • Glitter Glue



All the beauty products.

My friend  recommended  this LA pride to me but I hv never tried it before  I hope it’s cool


Duo glitter glue


 Classic Makeup USA Face primer



I have never tried them I hope I’ll  like them.


I love this face wipes, I recommend  it to those who don’t  want to buy expensive  face wipes and I also use Classicmakeupusa Face wipes.
I will make sure I post swatches of the product and the products outcome (how it looks on me)
XOXO royalbiba out.

My Outfit, Lifestyle and Me

I just wanted to post this as a lifestyle post. I wake up every morning from Monday to Saturday going to my mum’s phone store to help her manage her business and coordinate her staffs. It has not been easy but I am coping anyways. I love blogging but to be candid I am not good at it.

I am at the store and I was so bored so I took this pictures and decided to post it online to share part of my lifestyle.

I am an independent person,i am the only girl in my family so I do the cooking and all other things women need to do.

I want to know what my subscribers what me to post, what they want to see and know about me and any other thing. I will be happy to post it for you.