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Hi lovelies,

I love taking pictures but I am always looking for the right spot to take them for my blog posts, taking pictures just anywhere might ruin your shots.

It was right there all along until this day that I grab the opportunity to use the place and it was perfect.

The spot where I took the picture was a bank, close to my boss’s  makeup studio. I didn’t get the right person to take the pictures for me. The person who helped in taking this was in a rush to take it and leave.


I love short tops but I dont like wearing top that exposes my body when I try to bend, so I decided to use my brown short sleeve kimono, a Jean that I folded into style and a peach colour Kumar scarf.


Faaji Sandal

I decided to do a review of my footwear from Faaji Footwear, I am so in love with the sandal. This is not a sponsored post is just the love I have for the sandal that made me do this.

The sandal was a giveaway I won for a bloggers forum that I belong to. I really appreciate the work they are doing and the effort of the owner of Faaji Sandal.


I’ll try as much as possible to do more of outfit posts, which may inspire some hijabis and non- hijabis. You guys can also let me know what you want me to write about or anything, I’ll really appreciate that.



Royal Biba.



  1. Getting a perfect location for pictures is one hell of a work. Getting someone to snap is another issue. Totally love the kimono on you sis


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