Nigerian Parents can make you do things you don’t want to do. They always want to have their way in your life, decisions and all if you let them.

Nigerian Parents

  • Parents can frustrate lives
  • People can make you feel inferior
  • They can brain wash
  • They can make peoples live unbearable
  • Adult in general here in Nigeria always look down on someone as said by thatgiftedgirl.

Hi everyone, I have really missed you all. I decided to take a break off blogging to reschedule my time and days to drop posts and also had to sort out some stuffs.

It took me a while to realise that I didn’t say hi, because I was engrossed by the topic.

Back to the topic, I am so angry about how our parents behave at times. You guys shouldn’t be surpised when you see me in skirt and blouse, gowns and all other African Attires.

My mum said I need to wear decent clothes, so as to attract the good and right guys. She complained bitterly that, I am always wearing trousers and tops or blouses that these outfits can’t attract the good and decent men. I really hope that she is right.

Nigerian Parents

My mum is an Hausa, so she believes wearing all these so called decent clothing will make me look decent and presentable ( in this life, even the so called good guys and decent men don’t like you looking like their mummy).

All her friends (Hausa’s) have been complaining before, that I don’t dress decently now my mum has joined them. I just feel, I am trapped and have nothing to do than to change my dressing and outfits. I won’t change completely I’ll just have my outfits mixed up the African Attires and others.

Don’t mind The background.

Nigerian Parents

Wearing all these, makes me feel uncomfortable, I feel free and comfortable in my top and trousers. I don’t understand why my mum is trying to do this to me.

Nigerian Parents always want you to feel they have the right to mingle in your life. They always claim, I am the one who gave birth to you so you must do as I say, if not God will not be happy with you and all.

I just have to obey my mum because I don’t know what else to do.






  1. Good morning HABIBAT, I encourage you for the fact that you are still under the care of your mum you have to obey her. But one thing parent should know is that their children also have their mind especially those that have come to the age of accountability…

  2. Hmmmm… It is well. I would advise that you just do you and make sure you stand tall to reject any traditional template that may pose a threat to your own unique personality. I repeat; DO YOU!”


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