My Favourite beauty product are so many but I’m picking the ones i love more and are most important.

Beauty Products can be your skincare products, hair products, Cosmetics, Makeup and many more.

The ones I’ve been in love with for some months are actually different products which are:

  • Royale Makeup Eyeshadow
  • Royale Makeup Eyeliner
  • Kui Hair Products
  • Miscellar Water

All this product had worked wonders for me.

Miscellar Water

It’s an amazing content that not everyone know about that much and some underrate it because they don’t really know what it can do. Miscellar water is a water kind of content that can be use to cleanse the face because it removes residues from the face and can also me used to wipe off makeup from the face. It keeps your face refreshed and hydrated 

Favorite beauty product

Kui Hair Products

Yea, i use it even though I’m a Hijabi because my hair is natural and i want my hair to look nice, smell nice and feel soft. Kui hair product have really done wonders to my hair. I got the shampoo, conditioner, hair butter and mist. They smell so nice and sweet (it got into my mouth mistakenly) and they have really help my hair grow healthy.

Royale Makeup Eyeliner

This one is my sweetheart, my love and everything.  It has been stolen though but I’ll be getting another one soon. Its the most beautiful and amazing eyeliner i have had. I have a review of it which I’ll have to post on my Instagram soon. It is like a marker, its very dark, the tip is very cool for drawing out the wing.

Royale Makeup Eyeshadow Palette:

This eyeshadow is a 35 in 1 rich textured shimmer, matte and glitters combination that are pigmented and very colorful. It can be used with or without a base or primer. It’s embraced by lots of makeup artists, influencers, vloggers and others. If you haven’t tried it maybe you should.

These are my favorites but its not necessary or by force for it to be your favorite too or for it to work the same way it worked for me.

What's your Favourite beauty product? 
I might love it too so tell me about it

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