My life lately has been so mixed up with happiness, sadness, loneliness, joy and all.


Life, motivation, stress
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I have not been writing and I don’t know why, a lot of post to write but I don’t know where to start. There are many things to be done but i just don’t understand anything.

This is not my regular post but I decided to do this for my readers to understand how I feel lately.

I am working with a beauty brand as a per time operation manager, I’m trying to manage/balance the scale of my life. To check our site click here.


Life, Stress, Motivation


My brand plans too is ready, I’m planning on running my online store, my blog and my makeover services.

Each business or businesses under my brand has their own Instagram handle i.e the blog, makeover and online store. It was 5 handles I had before, and so I reduced it to 4, and now I feel I should remove the 4th one.

I am still contemplating and I feel stressed about the whole thing but I love what I do, everything. The 4th one is a PR Instagram handle, I just felt like doing the PR thing but I know it can be really stressful on its own.


Life, motivation, stress


I live for the fun of life, whether I stress myself or not life will go on, time will keep ticking and the day will keep going by, so why bother.

Live your life like you’ll die the next seconds at the same time live your life like you’ll never die.

I am so happy with what I have achieved so far and for sure I’m hoping and praying for more Improvement and Achievements.


Life, stress, motivation
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Few People who know me well say I’m strong and those who don’t say I’m enjoying life, I say in my mind

“ I don’t pray my enemy to go through what I have been through, and this people don’t even know when I sit in my room and cry my eyes out all through the night.”

It has been hard and stiff for me lately but I know it is just for a while. I am Ill but I’ll recover soon, I’m sure of that.


Life, stress, motivation
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My Life Lately

If anyone is going through something similar or things seem rough in their life lately. I’ll advise you:

  • Calm Down
  • Take Rest
  • Visit Places
  • Go for holidays
  • Make yourself happy
  • Do what makes you happy
  • Learn to forgive yourself for anything.
  • Learn to love yourself more and always, no matter what.
  • Meet people or talk to people you love or those that love listening to you.
  • Try to speak to someone no matter what.
  • Confide in someone.

Doing all or some of this will make you feel a bit relieved and less stressed. You can try it, it might work for you.


Life, stress, motivation


I know some people will ask or might want to ask if I do what I advised. I do few sometimes but I enjoy the stress at times.

Yea, I think that’s all, I want to write about for now. I hope to get your feedback s and know who i have inspired.

What post do you want to see on my blog next? Comment down below


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