Air Travel is one travelling means I’m eager to try because I have interest in travelling to many places around the world.

My mum has travelled by air many times, I’ve always helped her pack and I love watching video on how to pack when going on a trip.

I love packing and I have been able to know and understand many tricks and tips on how to pack for different kind of travels.

Air Travel

Packing For Air Travel

  • Book your ticket Ahead:

There are so many reasons why you are supposed to book your ticket earlier but the most important ones are to get cheap flights or discount on your flight payment.

You can even get national and international tickets, cheap flights from Lagos to New York.


  • Make a list:

Always write out the list of what you’ll need to take along so that you won’t forget to pick or pack anything.


  • Pick a travelling bag:

I’ll advise you pick a travelling bag according to your travel. If you aren’t staying so long or you don’t want to carry so many things, you can travel with your backpack or hand bag. You can only pack so much if you are going for a vacation or any other thing that’ll require so many things.

Air Travel


  • Pack ahead of time:

When you start packing ahead of times, it’s easier for you to know what you’ll need. Whatever you don’t have at hand and items or clothes that should be packed or changed will be noticed. Packing ahead of time helps a lot.


  • Essentials in a carry on bag:

Make sure you don’t put your essentials in your suitcase but in your carry on (backpack or handbag). Even a laptop backpack can do the trick. All items or materials that you’ll need on the plane or you can’t do without can be in your backpack.

You can get very nice backpacks in Nigeria like the jansport which is a very good and durable bag. It can serve as a travel bag, a laptop bag and or a school bag. They come in different designs, colours, textures and pattern that fits anyone’s style.


Air Travel

  • Quantity of liquid:

Try to confirm or know the amount or quantity of liquid you can pack in your backpack and suitcase. You wouldn’t want to loose some of your items when they are checking you in.


  • Change your containers:

You can get empty containers for sale at any MINISO store.  Moisturizers, face cream, body lotion, essential oil and many other thing in tubes, bottles and plastics are to go into a small place without taking too much space in the suit case or bag.

Air Travel

There are many more tips to share on how to pack for air travel like:

Rolling your clothes instead of folding them, putting your juwelries in place so that they won’t go missing and so many more.

Lastly it is always good to tag you bags or suitcase to avoid mix ups.

Do you have any other tips or tricks you’ll like to share with me or others ?Feel free to do so.


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