Kalakuta Museum formerly known as Kalakuta Republic was the home of the late Afrobeat Legend Fela – Anikulapo Kuti which has now been turned into a museum to promote Fela’s Legacy .


Kalakuta Museum


In April, Busayo of theblackunicornn put out a tour request on her instastory Evetonnia and I, Royalbiba  showed interest in going on tour of kalakuta muesum with her.

On that day I was at work in Ikeja and she called me that she was almost at my work place.

I met her at Ikeja, under the bridge and from there we took keke going to Opebi/Allen, which is N100 each.

She told me the about the entrance  fee being N500 and all the picture concepts she had in mind.

Kalakuta museum

We highlighted at Oshoppy and took a bike to No 7 Gbemisola Street.

I didn’t know Evetonnia showed interest until we got to the museum and Busayo was telling about those that showed interest and later said they can’t make it.

I and Busayo spoke to the gate man about we wanting to take a tour and he allowed us in the compound where we met a lady taking pictures and she was suppose to be the receptionist or the guide but I’m not so sure.

The young lady told us that the fee is N1000, we told her we were waiting for someone, Busayo had to call Evetonnia to tell her about the fee and hasten her up. We were told to wait for her on the last floor, which is the root top.

Kalakuta museum

Getting to the roof top and went in where we met 3 people in long sleeve button down shirts like uniforms, we met a guy and a lady sitting together talking and a man at a corner near the entrance at the left smoking.


We waited there till Evetonnia came, we paid the lady and started our tour. There was a metal door (burglary) at the left that leads to other places and all the way down.

Kalakuta museum
Pictures at the stairs

Immediately we got out (no it’s in) we saw pictures of Fela and his family and others. Pictures of some of them from childbood and all.

I sincerely apologize, I wasn’t concentrating on all the lady was saying and names of the people in the picture. I was only excited about the tour.

I forgot to tell you that on each tables you’ll find different kind of cigarette pans some like little bowl in stainless, breakables snail shell and others.

Kalakuta museum
Fela’s Room

After waking down the first 3 set of stairs, we saw Fela’s room which we can’t enter so we had to look through the glass. We saw his clothes, awards, mattress and other things.

As we walked towards the left then to the right to another room where some of his pictures shoes, panties and other things were.

Kalakuta museum

Coming out of the room there was another room facing that particular room. Entering the room we saw lots of papers letters and newspapers of lots of things about Fela.

Fela -Anikulapo Kuti  was born Olufela Olusegun Oludotun Ransome – Kuti on October 15 1938 into an upper- middle class family ( an activist mother and his father was a school principal and a reverend) . He attended Abeokuta grammar school before  he was sent to London in 1958 to study medicine but he decided to study music instead at the trinity college of music.

Walking out of the room we walked towards the passage and on the right or let me say ahead of us was a writing from fela song.

Kalakuta museum

We all went down the stairs again and saw other rooms where there were pictures of Fela, his dancers and many other people there were so many pictures there.

Kalakuta museum

After taking a lot of pictures with the pictures. We go to the last floor and saw lots of souvenirs like cups, caps, t-shirts and lots more.


More pictures were taken downstairs where we saw different drawing on the wall. Getting to the compound outside we saw a place that looks like a tomb where Fela was buried.

Kalakuta museum

Kalakuta Museum
Fela’s Tomb

PS: when going there you need to get a partner, you need to have a good camera to take pictures and you have to losen up.

What do you expect when you visit a museum? Have u ever visited a museum?

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