Life seems to be taking things beyond my reach and It hurts so badly how life turned out for me.

I know things will get better but I’m in pain and bleeding out the bitterness I feel when I noticed how life turned out.

It’s good to have inner peace, to forgive yourself, to get better. I don’t think I have that and I’ve been trying hard to work on that.

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I don’t seem to know myself at times. I’ve  lost it. I just feel the pain and take my eyes off It while it eats me up inside.

My thought was something better. All  my life has always been complicated but I just want it to be simple.

Life, lifestyle

Life: In My Immagination

  • Wake up in the morning
  • Do some exercise
  • Do the house chore and ( cook, If I must )
  • Take breakfast
  • Take my bath
  • Get ready for work
  • My personal work Makeup and others and maybe do an extra work
  • Take a break
  • Go to the gym during the week ends
  • Travel when I feel like it
  • Do photoshoots one or twice a week with multiple outfits for my IG and Blog post.

Life now turned out to be not so great. My growing and everything has to go through those gradual process but it seems far and I’m losing it gradually too.

Life, lifestyle

Living that cool life seem kind of hard. It might just be me overreacting.

People say I’m strong, I’m cool, I’m nice. That is their opinion. I wish my opinion was the same.

Furthermore, not everyone lives that smooth and joyful kind of movie life. We all face a lot that we keep hidden from the world.

It kills me the more to know someone else is facing similar problems, more problem or Any problem at all.

Life, lifestyle

Some Questions pop into my head like:

Why is life not fair???

Why do we have to go through all this???

Must we have to feel so much pain???

Won’t so much pain break some people beyond repair???

An International Blogger Paula of is the one who keeps me going with her motivational and Inspirational post about life. So I’m trying so much to cleanse myself and surround myself with POSITIVE ENERGY.

Life, lifestyle,

Do you have anything to say about your life???




  1. Hey Biba! The dots will connect I. the end. You will have the life of your dreams, maybe its not yet here but it will come. The difference between here and there is time!

    I love your blogs aesthetics. Maybe someday mine will be this cool😎


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