Natural Hair (smiles).

I did a pool on Instagram in writing this topic and many people chose for me to write about my natural hair journey.

Natural Hair, Hair, Review
Goya Olive Oil, Rose Water, Shea Butter, Mmosaic Coconut Oil, Hair Wonder Natural Hair Cream

I never thought I’ll ever change to carrying natural hair. I felt my hair was too strong for that but now, I’ve realized it was my immagination or stupidity.

The realization was late which was after wasting a lot of money on different relaxers and other treatments.

Several months back, i started the journey. Normally, I retouch my hair every three months, the last time I put relaxer was in March 2017.

Natural hair, hair, review

It was 3 months after that i decided I’ll leave the hair and my plans was to lock the hair. As days go by, i started falling in love with natural hair.

My mum decided that we should both lock our hairs, so my mum locked her hair in September or October. I didn’t have the money to lock mine and I wasn’t sure I loved the idea of locking.

I started reading so much about different people with different hair and how they treat it.

Natural hair, hair, review
Goya Olive Oil

I was still contemplating on whether to continue with the natural hair or go for the locks.

Finally, i decided not to lock it or do anything but I always try to wash with normal shampoo because I wasn’t sure how to go about it and I don’t have all those hair treatment.

I later saw something about deep conditioning and how it is done after searching and making my findings on Google. I saw a treatment that requires honey and coconut oil, we had this things at home that was how I tried it.

Natural hair, hair, review
Rose Water

Natural Hair Deep Conditioning

What you need;
Coconut Oil
A bowl
A pot of water
A spoon

Take enough honey and coconut oil pour it into the bowl. E.g. 4 teaspoon of honey and 2 teaspoon of coconut oil.

Natural hair, hair, review
Hair wonder natural hair cream

The coconut oil should be a good one like that of @mmosaic_ . I used the coconut oil for my body and noticed some changes, i was getting lighter and also smoothens the skin.

Put the pot of water on fire, while the water is boiling place the bowl of coconut oil and honey in the boiling water and mix till they are mixed up.

Natural hair, hair, review
Mmosaic coconut oil

I applied this mixture in my hair for sometimes and washed it off and never knew what i was doing.

Futhermore, i read that there are different way of turning the hair to natural, which is by transitioning or by doing the big chop. I also contacted a natural hair blogger Cisca she advice me and told me to read some of her post like Natural Hair Newbie Starter kit & DIY Okra detangle for natural hair which helped a lot. Cisca is a good natural hair consultant, try her out if you need help.

Natural hair, hair, review
Shea Butter

I’ll continue with the Natural Journey II for you to know what products i started using and other tip.

Will you like to read more of this???



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