Goody bag!
Who doesn’t love goody bags?
I love goody bags, I don’t know about you.

I got a goody bag from the Lekki Conservation outing organised by The Blogger Advocate, which was so amazing, I loved it and the products I’ve got inside it.

Product In My Goody Bag

I will write out the brand name, product and why I love the product.

This is the reason behind me making this goody bag post different to highlight the brands I have worked with lately.

  • Cool Cane: It is a drink made from Sugarcane, Ginger and Lime. It is one of the tastiest drink I have ever tasted and it is best served cold. Their Instagram handle is @coolcaneng.Goody Bag
  • Nibble Time: It is a cracker, a very tasty one at that and also very crunchy. Their Instagram handle is @nibbletime_snacks.Goody Bag
  • Go! Popcorn: This is a popcorn I’ve got no explanation for. It has sugar coated groundnuts, It is tasty, crunchy and delicious. Their Instagram handle is @gopopcornngGoody Bag
  • Cookie Skin: They have got lots of skin care products but I got the Brightening + Anti aging Serum which is for all skin types. There will be a different post for further review of this product. Their Instagram handle @cookieskin. Goody bag
  • Irresistible Gourmet Popcorn: This is another sweet colored popcorn which I feel, the name fits perfectly. Their Instagram handle @igourmetpopcorn Goody bag
  • Mabeli : It is a Nigerian Brand that makes bags, totes and others. I got a tote with an Emoji on it and, it is so pretty. Their Instagram handle @mabeli Goody bag
  • C & C Gourmet: It is a mixed snack which comprises of sugar coated groundnut, coconut, chin chin and others. Their Instagram handle @cncgourmet. Goody bag
  • Semsey: This is a brand that produces organic products like soap, essential oils and others. I got their coffee soap, it was so moisturising and so creamy. Their Instagram handle @semsey_skinsolutionsGoody bag
  • I was so excited, I worked with those amazing brand. There other stuffs in the goody bag.

Goody bag

Finally, Thanks to Alice, I had load of fun and met new people, connected with few and Everything was just so Awesome.




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