Hi Lovelies,

This is the  first time I did a collaboration. As a blogger we need to do this to get more and new viewers from each others blog. I collaborated with Lydia Ekeng of MY STYLE PORT.

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

How we met:

We met first at the London Fashion Festival Lagos when she asked my friend to take her picture, and my friend did. That evening i noticed the picture on Instagram and went through her page and noticed she was a blogger, so i followed her and commented on the picture that my friend was the one who took that picture for her. I kept in touch with her through IG till the day we met again at the Bloggers Hangout that was organised by the bloggers point which is one of the bloggers hub in Nigeria. Ever since that day we kept in touch because we exchanged numbers.


How the Collaboration came About:

She just chatted me up one day and our conversation went as thus;

Lydia: What do you blog about really, was thinking we could do a collaboration, what do you think?

Me: Wow, beauty mostly because i am a makeup artist, few lifestyle and fashion.

Lydia: Oh thats great and i have been looking for a makeup artist.

Me: Seriously

Lydia: You could always use use my face to try new stuffs, you know.

Me: Alright , no problm

Lets just stop there with the conversation.


We were supposed to do our photoshoot on a particular Saturday and was later moved to the next Saturday, we decided to do it at her place at Gowon Estate, Egbeda. It was nice working with her, i really enjoyed it, she was so friendly and nice, I did her Makeover and also did mine, we got dress and set off for a good spot for our shoot.


About our outfits

I wanted this to be a different post, but i felt it’ll be stressful. Our outfit was picked by me A long sleeve top, a pencil jean trouser, a kimono. The heels was something we decided to wear because i don’t have a pair snickers and the sun shade was her idea and both were hers.


I really loved our outfits, it looked nicer than I pictured it in my mind. I think everyone should know by now that I don’t open my hair so I styled my outfit with a Kumar Scarf.

If you want to know where I buy my scarfs or need me to post a particular post please leave a comment .


Royal Biba.




  1. Where can I get that scarf?! 😂😭😜
    Yeah I believe bloggers should collaborate more often. Matter of fact, bloggers should strive to collaborate with other bloggers at least once a month.
    Btw I love your shoes!


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