Hijabi are women who wear hijabs. You can be a Muslim but not a Hijabi and you can be a Hijabi and not a muslim. It’s a choice.

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Being a Hijabi doesn’t change who you are as a person but it helps you adjust to be more modest.


What people think about Hijabi:

Everyone feels being a Hijabi, makes you limited to lots of things.

They thing you have to act stupid and accept everything people say.

People make them feel inferior.

We should be at home or stay hidden.


No one is perfect. We all have weaknesses and limitations. Some can’t be fixed. But, at least, a leader shouldn’t find herself blindsided…



Challenges Hijabi Faces

Not having the right to speak: when they try to say anything people look at them oddly and make them feel so uncomfortable.

No right for them to do what they want: a lot of us want to do what we want, without thinking that someone is looking or trying to stop us.


They don’t get to work where they wish: some of us want to be models, presenter, work in a TV or Radio station, be a banker and lots more. They are limited to lots of thing. Some offices don’t even accept them.

Living a fun life is hard for them: Going to the beach, swimming and lots more are impossible for them.


Hijabi I admire

Only few Hijabi has been able to live their dreams. Few Hijabi I know and admire:

HAFSAH: she is a modest fashion blogger and brand owner who has been doing a lot to motivate hijabi and others.

HALIMA: she is a young lady who is a Hijabi and a top model who has done a lot and gone to places with her career.


HABIBA DA SILVA: she is a YouTuber and a brand owner.

HODAN YUSUF: A YouTuber and a mother of 4

BASMA K: she is a brand owner too.

There are many more I love to add but if I continue I might not finish.

Do you have a Hijabi friend?? Do you think she needs to be heard?? What do you think about Hijabi?? Are you having fun being a Hijabi??

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