Hello Everyone,

I really missed posting, I just had to take a break because of work. I got a job at a makeup shop but it’s not as fun as i felt it would be. my birthday came and went just like that, i couldn’t do any giveaway or anything, i am so ashamed about that but i assure you all that all this will change soon.

Life lately


Life Lately

I decided to write this because, I’m already getting bored staying, living, working and doing every other things without writing. Even though I don’t get to post everyday, I still miss writing ( that is not writing at all ) .

Working at the makeup shop/ studio is so stressful from Monday-Saturday and 9-6. I don’t get to do photo shoots or take good picture.

Life lately

I really need to start working on my own, know my focus, plan and work on it all.

Blogging is not easy and adding another job to it makes it worse of, because you lost focus, you can’t keep up with writing when you are stressed working for someone.

Life lately


My Birthday

My birthday was only interesting because people i love came around to spend time with me. It was boring at first but later got better.

I wanted to do a giveaway for my birthday but things didn’t work out the way i wanted, so the giveaway didn’t take place. I am sure everyone was expecting that and i disappointed you all. I am so sorry.

Life lately


My last birthday was fun, i got a cake, i took pictures with friends and family, it was so interesting. This year was good but not as much, and i got nothing out of my birthday wish list which was so sad 😟😟😞😞 .

Well, i think that is all the gist i have got for you all about my life lately. I hope you love it.






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