Art Twenty-One is a very big gallery, located inside Eko hotel.

Ezinne of All my view and I have planned to go on a trip or travel together.

We haven’t gotten the chance until this very week that she contacted me that she was in Lagos.

I was so excited that I’ll finally meet her but she wanted us to go to Nok by Alara that very day which was on a friday.

Making it to the Island early was impossible for me. Which means I wont be able to take pictures, have a nice time and make it back in time to the mainland, so I explained the whole situation to her and she understood.

On Saturday morning I got prepared very early and headed to the Island even though it was raining.

Art Twenty-one

When I got to the Island, I had to wait for Ezinne in the rain for twenty minutes for her to pick me up because she ordered a taxify.

Finally, she arrived in the car and I got into the car with my large umbrella and went straight to find where Art Twenty-One was located.

The Struggle

We went round and round looking for the location but weren’t sure it was inside Eko Hotel till she noticed their number that popped out on google.

Eventually, we got in and asked the security, so she told us to walk in and move toward the right hand side where the Eko signature building is.

On getting there we noticed their banner at a passage, we went through the passage and noticed the glass door indicating Art Twenty-One which was on the left.

The Gallery: Art Twenty-One

When we got inside we met 3 people at the table, A guy and a lady discussing and a cute one who attended to us.


Ezinne tried to confirm if we have to pay any fee or know if there are rules or regulations but there were non.

The whole place was painted white, the place was as big a hall. There were wooden benches here and there for people to sit and interact.

We met Mr Kingley inside the big hall, sitting calmly and listening to music .

There was a table tennis spot at the gallery, Ezinne played with Mr Kingsley. He was so nice, he answered all our questions and took pictures of us.

Art Twenty-one
Ezinne playing table tennis with Mr Kingsley


Art Twenty-one
Ezinne loves this piece

After looking round, We started taking pictures and making videos of the whole place and all the art work.

Art work you’ll find in there are:

  1. A sitting lady made out of iron.
  2. A standing lady made out of iron.
  3. Horrifying looking dolls with pot or wood body.
  4. A coca cola can drink, Pepsi bottle drink and walkman made out of wood.
  5. Pictures of Africa People
  6. Pictures of random stuffs that happens in Nigeria e.g. robbery, killing etc
  7. Africa prints with a guy’s picture embedded into it.
Art Twenty-one
Sunflower made out of Iron rod, spoons and nails.


Art Twenty-one
A Cellphone Made Out Of Wood

and many others. They are for sale and some has already been sold.

Things you can do inside the Gallery
  1. You can hold an exhibition.
  2. Buy art work.
  3. Look Around and take pictures.

Ezinne went to the rest room but she had to come out to call me in because the place looks so beautiful and amazing.


Art Twenty-one


Art Twenty-one
Restroom Selfie

We had a great time and then it was time to leave because Ezinne wanted us to take Ice Cream.

She called taxify, he came into the premises to pick us and we went to Lekki Phase 1 for the Ice Cream.

To be honest, I never knew where we were going to exactly but we got to a plaza named Cruize Piaza (that’s the spelling).

On getting in, she wanted to order but I know I can’t buy Ice Cream due to my budget, so I went to sit down. She kept calling me back to come and pick what I’ll like to take.

The name of the Ice Cream shop is Frozen Rolls and their Ice Cream prices starts from 2,000N up to about 3,000N i think.

Art Twenty-one

You’ll be amazed at how they make them and I picked the Creamy Monster or so and she had the Cake whatever (I’ve forgotten the names given to them in the menu).

It was the best Ice Cream I have ever had so far. Thanks to Ezinne, I knew the place and tasted the Ice Cream.

We also had to wait for the CEO of the Frozen Rolls because she had a gift for Ezinne, we spent almost an hour there but Ezinne promised to drop me off at Lekki Gate to take a bus back home.

Art Twenty-one

Finally, we met her and she gave Ezinne her gift which is her new Cookie Ice Cream recipe (thats the name i gave it, because that is what i see them using but the name is Giant Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich. I tried.

Well, I had to beg the lady to get a branch on the mainland, so that I wouldn’t need to go all the way to the Island just to take that amazing Ice Cream ( but I can ). That ice cream is worth more than the journey foe me.

However, she packed the gift and we took it along but before we left the premises we took some pictures so I dropped my umbrella and I have been protecting the umbrella all day.

When the taxify guy came, we left when I got the where I was supposed to stop I noticed that I’d forgot the Umbrella I’ve been protecting with all my life all day.

Art Twenty-one
Where I forgot my Umbrella

As I write now my Umbrella is at the Ice Cream shop. Thanks to Ezinne once again I had a great day and spent a long time getting home.


I skipped the foundation part and used a coconut oil (but you can use any mixed oil or essential oils) and highlighter to emphasize on my skin tone. I used little of a gold and bronze eyeshadow on my lid and slightly used a brow pencil to make my brows a little more pronounced. Used a little highlight on my cheekbones and then applied a deep tone lipstick and applied a gloss on it.

Art Twenty-one

Check the review by Ezinne here.

Would you also like to visit Art Twenty-One, Go to Frozen Rolls to taste their Ice Cream or try out my Makeup?


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