Affirmations in New Thought and New Age terminology refer primarily to the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment—fostering a belief that “a positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will achieve success in anything.” Wikipedia

I have thought about my life so much this year and I came to realize, I can’t change who I am i only need to improve and see myself more like a person that is capable of anything.

I know I am capable but i have the fear in me, that makes me feel ridiculous. So I decided that I’ll change that this new year.

There was a post I saw about 5 Affirmation for the new year by Paula of I love this lady’s posts and I always read them and learn new things.

Affirmations make you aware of your thoughts and when you use them on regular basis, make them a part of your routine, they can help you defeat negative thoughts or moments of doubt.
By Paula.

My Affirmations are not written down but I try to put it in my mind always and never forget them.

Affirmations, New Year, 2018


Never get scared, run away or shy away from trying something new, it might be something that will help you in the long run or take you places. This new year is a going to be a year of exploring and all.


I have made up my mind to let go of the fear that I can’t do this or that. Fear of talking to people, networking, not being good enough, failing and many other thing.

Affirmations, New Year, 2018


This is the most important thing. I have decided to love myself more than anything or anyone. I just want to reward myself, take myself out more often. Thinking about what others feel has made me so timid that I hardly do anything for myself. This new year no more putting people before me, I come first before anything.


The grudge I held against myself is so much that at a point I couldn’t forgive myself. It got to an extent and I felt holding grudge against myself won’t solve my problem neither will it help me grow or do anything positive. I want to let go of all the grudge I hold against myself and make sure things get better by letting positive vibes flow.

Affirmations, New Year, 2018


That was what helped me that I got a job as an Operation Manager at HVS beauty. I never believed from the start I’ll get the job, but because I needed it, so I thought of motivating myself and believing in myself that I can do this and I did and got the job.
In the year

The happiness I feel from within is just beyond me. I have realized a lot of things this year and also learnt a lot and it is really going to help in the future. My wish is to be able to keep up with everything and face all my challenges with a smile on my face.

What are your Affirmations for the new year?


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