Blogging break was fun. I was able to do a lot of things.

I was able to prepare for a new way and style of blogging and I was able to do lots of research.

Asking people about what to do with your blog life and what post they’ll love to see on your blog isn’t so bad.

Blogging break

I got a lot of report and I love them and I’ll need more in my replies from my readers.

My readers and subscribers aren’t that much but I see that they keep increase as time goes on and I’m so happy with my baby step moves.

Blogging break
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4 Reasons for my Blogging Break


My blog domain and hosting was to expire by April 9th. I had to get the money ready for the thing so that I can keep my site. If I try to delay my payment, the domain might get sold to someone else and I don’t want that. I have renewed it now so my blog is a year old now.

Blogging break
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Research on how to stay consistent:

I wanted to know how other blogger stay consistent and how I can do the same, I want to be able to write at least 2 to 3 posts per week. I love it when I see other bloggers post almost every time. Speaking to few bloggers helped a lot and they gave me good response that I’ll be working on to stay consistent.

Blogging break

Facing my fear of trying something new:

It is part of my affirmation for the year to face anything that scares me. I want to always try new things, meet new people, fall in love again and work on myself more. I have started working on them to keep my life balanced and to help me move forward in everything I’m doing.

Blogging break


This is one bad habit I have and I want to get rid of it real soon and I need help from people on how to work on it.

I always feel so lazy to write maybe because I don’t have much readers or because I don’t write well. I want to know.

Blogging break

Are there posts you like that I’m not writing or are there any expectations from me that I’m not working on ?


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  1. All blog without play, make #BiBA a ………. transmission….transfusion, transfusion…… i dont know!


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