This month is the sixth month of the year and it’s my birth month. I don’t really feel excited about it.

It’s been a long time I posted and I’ve been having so many difficulties and personal problems I’m struggling with right now in my life.

I believe it’s just a phase it’ll come and go but sometimes I ask myself this question “when will that be?”

This is not what we would be talking about today. We are talking about things I’ll have done this month if I had the money.


This month


10 things I’ll love to do this month

  • I’ll love to start my journey on getting a degree, which might be an Online School Programme or A Part Time School Programme.
  • Pamper myself, do manicure and pedicure and all other pampering.
  • Upgrade my makeup skill.
  • Complete my makeup kit.
  • Get myself a little birthday gift.
  • Pay up my debt: this makes me have sleepless night.


This month
Photo: Ivory Mix


  • Spend a whole day at a resort or take myself out on a date.
  • I want to start going for tours and traveling around.
  • Change my wardrobe: who doesn’t like new clothes, shoes, bags and Accessories.
  • Buy stuffs I can take to an orphanage and spend some times with the children. I love little children, big ones can be very naughty.

Well, those are some things I’ll have loved to do this month but since I’m not capable there is nothing I’ll do about it.


This month
Photo: Oh tilly


Fasting came and now about to finish and be celebrated. May God spare our lives till then and after.

I’m supposed to go to Abeokuta with some friends to climb and see the Olumo Rock this Saturday but I can’t go anymore.

I don’t think I can even do a birthday photoshoot this year. Well, I’ll be writing some blog post about some of my tours and travel.


This month
Photo: Oh tilly


A birthday giveaway will take place on the blog like I promised last year on my birthday blog post.

What would you have done this month but couldn’t do because of financial issues?


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